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Zeichnungen und Druckgrafik

Utopias on Paper - German Expressionism: Prints and Drawings from the Museum Collection
Teil I Oktober 2011 - Januar 2012
Teil II Februar 2012 - Juni 2012
Kurator: Irith Hadar

Encounters in Edvard Munch's Space
Juli - Dezember 2012
Kurator: Irith Hadar

John Stezaker - One on One
Januar - April 2013
Kurator: Irith Hadar

Moby Dick
Mai - Oktober 2013
Kurator: Dalit Matatyahu

Drawings, Voilà! A Selection from the Museum Collection
Oktober 2013 - Januar 2014
Kurator: Irith Hadar

Marcel van Eeden: Dizengoff's Commission
Februar - Juni 2014
Kurator: Irith Hadar

Objektiv: Josef Albers, Oran Hoffmann
Juli - November 2014
Kurator: Dalit Matatyahu

Under Erasure
Dezember 2014 - April 2015
Kurator: Irith Hadar

Otte Wallish. The Face of Land and Nation
Mai - August 2015
Kurator: Emanuela Calo

Naama Arad: Table Mountain
September 2015 - Februar 2016
Curator: Irith Hadar

Marcel Odenbach: Inside-Out
März 2016 - Juli 2016

Kurator: Irith Hadar

Ha-Talush (The Rootless Character)
August - November 2016

Kurator: Dalit Matatyahu

Piranesi/Shiota: Prisons of the Imagination
Dezember 2016 - Mai 2017

Kurator: Emanuela Calo


Juni – Oktober 2017

Kurator: Joshua Neustein

Stellv. Kurator: Dalit Matatyahu

Yifat Bezalel: Tehilla

The 2016 Rappaport Prize for a Young Israeli Artist

November 2017 - Februar 2018


And the Hand Draws On...

Februar - Juni 2018

Kurator: Irith Hadar

Matan Ben Cnaan: Paintings

The 2017 Haim Shiff Prize for Figurative-Realist Art

Juni -  Oktober 2018

Kurator: Emanuela Calo

Code vs Code

Prints and Drawings Gallery; Laurence Graff Contemporary Art Gallery

November 2018 – März 2019

Kurator: Irith Hadar

Samah Shihadi:

Spellbound in Memory's Chains

Juni - Oktober 2019

Kurator: Emanuela Calo

Raymond Pettibon:

And What is Drawing for?

November 2019 - Oktober 2020

Kurator: Irith Hadar

Eli Singalovski:

Formal Solutions

Dezember 2020 - Juni 2021

Kurator: Tal Broitman

Shai Ignatz: Goldi

März - Oktober 2022

Kurator: Raz Samira

Guy Ben Ner

November 2022 - bis Anfang 2023

Kurator: Doron Rabina

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