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Helene Gleitman_edited.jpg

Chairwoman of the Executive Board

Psychologist, psychological psychotherapist

I have been a board member of TAMAD e.V. for many years because I am convinced that education through art is an ideal way to promote communication between cultures, break down prejudices and experience mutual tolerance. From the very beginning, I was inspired by the art education program for children at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Our children's peace project THE ART ROAD TO PEACE is a creative and meaningful initiative to make the coexistence of Arab and Jewish children in Israel a little more relaxed.

Arnim Rosenbach-001_edited.jpg

Stellvertretender Vorsitzender

Rechtsanwalt, Wirtschaftsmediator, Geiger

I feel a personal responsibility to support human contact and mutual understanding. Because these are the bridges to establishing stable relationships and maintaining peace. Positive experiences in childhood last a lifetime.

The project THE ART ROAD TO PEACE has touched and inspired me. I am therefore happy to support this wonderful initiative as a board member.


Dr. Samy Gleitman


Businessman, sociologist, entrepreneur

I was in charge of the German Friends of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art e.V. for over 16 years and I continue to be a member of the board because I like to support Israel and want to make a positive contribution to German-Israeli relations.



Art historian

In a world that continues to be highly explosive politically, it is important to me to break down prejudices and misunderstandings between different cultures and religious communities. I would like to support encounters between Jewish and Arab children and young people at TAMAD e.V. so that interest, understanding for differences and cooperation become possible. In the creative process, the medium of art has the ideal prerequisites for developing trust, tolerance and friendship through joint creativity. As I talk about many paintings in my profession in which the Old Testament plays an important role and parables of interpersonal coexistence and exemplary action are presented, it is my conviction that answers to life's questions can be found through art.


Maria Moritz_edited.jpg

Head of the Berlin Committee

Freiberufliche Tätigkeit im Kunstbereich

Peace in Israel and the fight against anti-Semitism are particularly important to me. That is why I am actively committed to this. The German Circle of Friends is the best way to build a bridge between art and the Children's Peace Project. Our future is in the children, hopefully to achieve peace in the Middle East.

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