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The friends of Tel Aviv Museum of Art Deutschland e.V. was founded in 2001 as a non-profit association whose statutory purpose is to promote art and culture and whose task is in particular to: Tel Aviv Museum of Art and to support its projects and activities in a variety of ways. We see art and culture as a unifying and international basis for our activities, regardless of nationality, politics, language and religion.

The focus is on our peace project THE ART ROAD TO PEACE. In addition, we promote contact between German and Israeli artists as well as collaboration with museums and galleries in Germany and Israel. We are a member of the Federal Association of Support Associations of German Museums for Fine Art and are in active contact with its members:

Among our members and board of trustees there are personalities from public and cultural life who very actively support and accompany our tasks. In addition to his commitment to. The organisation acts as an initiative-rich, social forum that conveys art and culture to its members in an individual setting. Several times a year we offer events with interesting topics and lectures, which usually take place in the private homes of our members. The program also includes visits to private collections, exclusive tours of exhibitions and museums and art trips, of course also to Israel.


During the International Board of Governors (BoG) in November 2014 in Tel Aviv, Dr. Samy and Hélène Gleitman received on behalf of the German Friends of Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Museum's Honorary Fellowship Award of Tel Aviv Museum of Art excellent. For our circle of friends, this honor represents great recognition of our many dedicated activities.

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