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TAMAD is not only a non-profit association whose statutory purpose is to promote art and culture. We are also a circle of friends of art enthusiasts. Through our work, we experience art for ourselves and thus deepen our understanding of art and our human encounters. Our association and our work thrive on these human encounters. The commitment of our volunteer members goes far beyond financial support. Each and every one of them makes a personal contribution to peace in Israel. That is why we would like to introduce you to the members of TAMAD and their motivation.

Chairwoman of the board

"I was totally enthusiastic from the start. This combination of children, art and Israel immediately appealed to me. I was really touched when I heard about it for the first time. My husband and I couldn't let go of it, so we got involved quite quickly, became members and actively supported the association. I have now been on the board for 18 years and have also been the chairwoman for one and a half years. And I can say that I am still as enthusiastic today as I was at the beginning."

Deputy Chairman

"Our mission is to create understanding and peace through art. And understanding and peace is something that has always moved me. What's more, this project THE ART ROAD TO PEACE embodies ideas that are all beautiful. It's forward-looking, it's constructive, it's for the children and it's a political idea that's very important to me."

Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees

"For me personally, teamwork is an important element in intercultural understanding. THE ART ROAD TO PEACE is the central project that TAMAD is all about. The path to peace is found through art. And I think that's wonderful. You bring young people together through such a unifying element - regardless of their origin or religious background. They come together through art as a connecting element, without prejudice and without reservations."

Member of Board of Trustees

"For me personally, it's always a great exchange with the members, with the Board of Trustees, with the events. These are things that simply have something special about them and I wouldn't want to do without them. TAMAD is a jewel in the entire museum landscape. There is no other like it."

Member of Board of Trustees

"TAMAD is not a normal museum support group. Our project enables children and young people to meet for the first time through art in the museum, get to know each other, break down prejudices, become friends, become acquaintances and find out how others live.
And that is a contribution. A small contribution, but a significant contribution to what we all want: Peace and understanding in Israel."

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